DongMing Aluminium Co.,Ltd.

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DongMing Aluminium Extrusion Company is specializing in aluminium extrusion and auminium profiles fabrication, we offer one-step full services from tooling design, production, CNC & NC machining, surface treatment, assembly and stock supports.

Our main products are industrial and architectural Aluminium Extrusion Aluminium Profile, Fabricated Aluminium, Precision Aluminium Parts, Aluminium Cases, Aluminium Frame and Structure System, Aluminium HeatSink and Radiator, Aluminium bracket, Alumini...

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      • DongMing Aluminium Co.,Ltd.
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      • aluminium extrusion,aluminium profiles,aluminium fabrication ,aluminium machining,aluminium heatsink,aluminium extruded profiles,aluminium windows and doors
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      • ShanQian Road,
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      • 510850
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      • Amy Fan
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      • 86-20-22970760
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